F   K   B   G   N   M
Free Knowledge Births Growing Nourished Minds
An Institution of Rebellious Individuals known as Free Thought Philosophers
Established from fertile grounds on the Plains of Pangaea
Our mission is to spread the Perpetual Fruit of Knowledge freely.  Knowledge like energy can neither be created nor destroyed only manifested then understood.  Therefore we believe information should exist without restriction.  When information is regulated and controlled privilege is born and inequality takes form.  Privilege is not only a residual effect of inequality but is a catalyst that perpetuates inequality.  Knowledge is power because it has the potential to create equality and erase privilege.  Removing privilege from the global equation creates a circumstance in which the huddled masses can breathe free.  
Our mission executed and message distributed through prints, slaps, patches, and apparel that generate awareness and conversation around systemic issues that further marginalize the disadvantaged. 
As we continue to share Free Knowledge our vision of the future draws closer to fruition
A vision of balance expressed in the theory of Center and Circumference 
Maintaining mankind's Dynamic differences while conscience of our systemic similarities
One Man One Kind the foundation of Free Thought Ideology

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