The Ocular Arcade was founded to curate an art collection that stimulates the third eye.  Challenging the audience’s conditioned point of view as a means to re-position their perspective and perception.  Each installment illustrates different aspects of FKBGNM philosophy.  Allow your senses to embrace the Visuals Vibrations dispayed below.
Legacy X Collection
  1. Origins
    #Origins #BloodMoney # Slavery #GlobalEconomics
  2. Blood Money
    #Origins #BloodMoney # Slavery #GlobalEconomics
  3. Free Knowledge Crest
    Free Knowledge Crest
  4. Ryuki
  5. Kanji
  6. Visions
  7. BGBM
  8. Pangaea
  9. Protector of Pangaea Helmet
    Protector of Pangaea Helmet
  10. Khan Kuma
    Khan Kuma
  11. Badge Of Service
    Badge Of Service
  12. Master Key
    Master Key